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Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to reach this magical destination is to catch a direct flight from either Chennai or Kolkata; two major metropolitan cities with well-connected airports located in the south and east of India, respectively. Almost all domestic Indian air carriers offer direct flights to Port Blair – the capital city of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Many international airlines also fly directly into Chennai and Kolkata; all you need to do is transfer to the domestic terminal and catch your flight out to paradise. For more information on flight schedules contact our travel desk to help you with your bookings.

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Indian nationals - do not require a Restricted Access Permit. Valid Photo ID Proof like Drivers license, PAN CARD, Aadhar Card, Ration Card are valid documents for Indian Nationals to enter the Islands.

Foreigners / PIO/ OCI/ NRI Travellers - visiting Andaman Islands require a valid Indian Visa to enter the Islands. This also applies to tourists arriving directly to the Andaman Islands on private or chartered yachts/flights. Any of the above category travellers wishing to visit Andaman Islands require a Restricted Area Permit (RAP) which is issued on arrival by the Immigration department and only a valid India Visa is mandatory. The RAP is issued to tourists upon arrival at the Port Blair airport, or at the seaport of embarkation of ships leaving the mainland. This free of cost process takes about 20 minutes and travelers require no more than a valid passport and Indian visa. The RAP is issued for a 30-day stay and covers the municipal areas of the Andaman Islands.

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Apart from visiting the local museums, nature walks, scuba diving and a host of other water activities, there is plenty more to do on these magical islands. Your trip can be tailored to match your interests, time and even fitness levels! Most visitors choose to spend a few days in the capital Port Blair, exploring the numerous tourist attractions before heading to the beautiful beaches of Havelock for sunning, scuba diving and other water sports. However, if all you are looking to do on your vacation is to relax on the beach, we suggest you head straight to Havelock with your bathing suit and tanning lotion to escape the bustle and colour of the capital city of Port Blair.

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Visitors from across the world throng to these wondrous isles at all times of the year. However, the busiest season is from October to May. The weather is truly beautiful in December and the Island truly comes alive with excitement and is thronging with tourists.

June to September is usually the rainy season when the smell of wet soil, the soothing pitter-patter of the rain and lush green all around is enticing.

The best time to explore the stunning, crystal clear waters surrounding the Andaman Islands is February and March; the sea is at its flattest, the winds are temperate and underwater visibility promises to be spectacular. Diving centres in these islands are closed between 1st June until 31st July every year on account of the weather and potentially dangerous waves. Most dive shops reopen on 1st August for the start of a new season.

The capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a relatively small city. One can hire a car or a scooter or even hop into a local auto rickshaw for a one-of-a-kind experience. It is possible to travel to the outermost city limits in a vehicle in approximately 20-30 minutes. We would be happy to offer the most competitive rates for a tourist car and recommend the most appropriate vehicle based on your needs. Port Blair is also very well connected to Havelock and other islands by ferry. Please refer to the information below regarding the local transport in the Islands.

Auto Rickshaws: These are considered the most convenient and cheapest way of getting around. Just hop into one of these quaint three-wheelers and sit back for a memorable experience! These rickshaws do not follow any set tariff cards or standardized running meter policy and there have been instances of some auto rickshaw drivers charging unsuspecting tourists extremely high rates. Seek the help of our team, the hotel staff or even a friendly local to help negotiate a fixed rate with the rickshaw drivers prior to undertaking the ride.
If you are planning to stay on any island for a couple of days, it is advisable to, as far as possible, utilize the services of a prepaid or fixed fare taxi. We recommend that you leave the task of arranging your transfer and local transport to our team so that you are left relaxed to enjoy your vacation.

Ferry tickets: Buying a ferry ticket in the Andaman islands is quite a daunting task, especially during the rush season when the demand for ferry tickets far exceeds the availability of seats. Due to non-availability of an online ticketing system, tickets are issued on a first-come first-serve basis and procuring these tickets at the last minute can be a nightmare. We would be delighted to organize your transfers and ferry tickets so that your travel is assured and you have a comfortable sea voyage.

There are three ferries that operate daily between Port Blair and Havelock. The ferry schedule is so structured that guests reaching Port Blair by flight are available to board the ferry and reach Havelock the same day.
Travellers can choose between the slower, more affordable government ferry and the faster, more expensive catamaran depending on their arrival time in Port Blair. Kindly keep sufficient time in hand to board the appropriate ferry as vessel boarding is stopped 15 minutes prior to its departure time.
Our helpful local team can help you buy your ferry ticket based on your preferences. Please feel free to contact our local staff if you have any further questions in this regard.

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While the local cuisine is predominately seafood, wide varieties of vegetarian food are available at all eateries. If you have special dietary needs, we recommend that you let the hotel/restaurant staff be prior informed. Since, smaller beach shacks/eateries may not be able to always cater to special requirements, it maybe advisable to carry your own packed food for day tours.

The local cuisine is predominately seafood and guest may find the meal a tad expensive, as most ingredients have to be transported from the mainland. Alcohol, both international and domestic Indian liquor, is available at most popular restaurants and hotels, although the selection is limited. A basic meal in most restaurants at Port Blair or Havelock is likely to cost between INR 300 to INR 500 per person. Eating at the local village market is less expensive. Since locals normally rely on tourism for their sustenance, tips offered by tourists are much appreciated.

Andaman islands offer a variety of experiences and there are a large number of places to explore and many sights to appreciate and travelling with a small child may not pose a burden. In fact, the Andaman Islands are one of the most eco-friendly destinations available in India bereft of the pollution of major cities. Marine life viewed in their habitat can be gorgeous and a prime reason to visit with your children. The ultimate reason would be to let your child explore the soft beach sands and just being one with nature.

We suggest you contact our representative for customized travel tours for you and your family.

Like many similar tourist beach destinations across the world, the locals at Andaman & Nicobar Islands are also relaxed, easy-going and have a very laid back approach to life. Please dress appropriately, respect and abide by local laws; especially those with regard to protecting the environment. Please do seek permission before taking photographs of the local population. Be courteous; most local hotel staff speak at least a smattering of English but a 'please' and 'thank you' will take you a long way even if you do not know the local language. Be respectful of any unique cultural practices that you may be privy to e.g. take your footwear off when entering someone's home or place of worship.

Andaman is a magical and acclaimed beach destination. However, the islands being a part of India are greatly influenced by its conservative and respectful culture. The locals are not used to seeing women in revealing swim wear. It is best that you cover up suitably when away from the beach, especially in areas where locals are present such as the ferries, jetty areas and village markets. Carry kaftans and beach cover-ups if you’re going to the beach as there may not be a designated place to change. While appreciating that foreign nationals may prefer to dress light to cope with the weather, however when moving around town it is advisable that female guests dress modestly. Men can wear shorts and tees whereas children can wear pretty much anything they want.

Health services are limited on the Andaman Islands due to their remote location and low population, though there are some good medical services available at the G.B. Pant hospital, Port Blair. For diving enthusiast, we have good news that there are plans for setting-up a Recompression Chamber at Port Blair.
India is officially a low malarial risk area and therefore it is best to consult your doctor and decide if you would like to limit this risk further by taking anti-malaria medication. We also recommend that you check with your health authorities if there are any other vaccinations needed prior to your travel to these islands. Please adhere to safe RO water and take adequate precautions with food so as to enjoy an aliment-free vacation.

Please do also note that the tap water in India is normally not safe for drinking. You are well advised to shower regularly and wear light, loose clothing made from natural fibres as humid conditions prevalent in these islands do sometimes lead to heat rash and fungal infections.

English and Hindi are the working languages of the local Civil Administration and also widely spoken/understood by the local population. For more information, please refer to the 'Let's get going' page.

The Indian Rupee is the accepted currency in these islands. For more information, please refer to the 'Let's get going' page.

Port Blair has a number of ATMs, and 2 ATMs have been recently installed at Havelock Island. However, the ATM cash at Havelock often runs out of Indian Rupees to dispense.
Since other islands do not have ATMs, please do carry sufficient cash with you to meet your expenses. For more information on acceptance of credit cards, please refer to the 'Let's get going' page.

All Indian states and Union Territories follow a common time zone all year round. The local time is GMT +5½ hours and Indian territories do not follow daylight saving hours. As the Andaman Islands are geographically closer to Thailand than India, Andaman comes to life relatively earlier permitting all to make the most of daylight.

International dialling facility is available at most major hotels and a large number of ISD booths are available in the local markets. Telecom services are fairly reliable and inexpensive.
While mobile connectivity and internet speed is fairly dependable at Port Blair, connectivity is very unreliable at Havelock. As you travel to other Islands of the Andaman, the connectivity poses a major concern. Some places offer satellite internet which is faster however much more expensive. Please note that many of the smaller islands have no internet facilities whatsoever.